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Quote: Originally posted by on March-14-2012

Time to leave the building............

Thankfully there are lot of good alternatives out there. Flashificator seems to be the right way to go - though it is not far as user friendly....

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Quote: Originally posted by on March-14-2012

They choke us with a worthless piece of software.

Hi Harry,

I am shocked

You are the last one I expect to say such thing!
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Cost me  490Euros to have this update just to have a Slice Display to freeze the program and radars that do not turn...I am amazed that the soft TW7 was released.... I am not a happy customer[:V:]
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I've sent many emails to with bugs for TW without any answer from weeks... right, Cheer did his job very well!!! Where is the support, EP???
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Hi Panozon and other forum Members,

Yes, for many years I'm a big fan of TourWeaver.
Expectations were high when TW 7 was released. The possibilities that this package offers are fantastic.
Unfortunately, many options fail to work proper. It is simply not possible to build a decent VRtour.

There are a dozens bugs. Very, very frustrating if you got some ideas and the software doesn't cooperate.

I'm seriously looking around and test some other software packets. I must be honest, I can't find another package that works as easy as TW.

I hope the management team of Easypano take there job seriously and listen to their customers.

We need a new, working, version of TW! ! ! !

gr, Harry


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I agree too but just like I had to learn TW I'll learn another.. I'm tired of spending money on something that doesn't work. I mean what is R&D for. The first rule in application programming is to get a STABLE working product, then add to it. Even though some of the other products out there aren't as easy as EP products are they are stable.

Stop making it SO EASY for users, just make it STABLE Please..........

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Hi All dear Easypano friends,

I am Cheer , i feel very honor for your trust and appreciated that you adimit my work had done before.

But i am very sorry that for some reason, i left Easypano 3 weeks ago.I even did not say goodbye to all good friends when i left ,because i just thought that you may did not know a guy called Cheer.But now i am touched by all your words.

Yes, i have left easypano, but i still love easypano very much! Just as Harry said easypano has great people to make the software more easier to use as powerful as other common software.Yes,i have worked in easypano for one year from graduate and i have learn a lot from all of you my dear friends. And i will tell you easypano is a great team indeed.

Sometimes we give up sleeping for a whole night just want to release our new update eariler and want all friends to use it earlier.

Some times, when Aplle or Flash or Google upgrade their products, we have to immediately to upgrade our products to compatible their new API and players and other features.some times, when we face a big bugs or release a new version,our developer will work in the weekends for several monthes. Some times we must face the bugs.some times when you feedback a problem or a bugs, i feel more hurry than you,cause i always ask myself, if i were you, what i feel ?

Although i left easypano, i still love easypano and my boss managers developers and all good colleagues.Believe me they work very hard.

So i just want to you to understand easypano and support it s before.

Now, because tw7 is new and some times the developer should update it to new Google API or other features. It will take some time to fix, but believe me ,easypano can solve the problems and bugs and provide more powerful and stable version.

I understand your situation as a user,becasue some times you need do a project in the time ,what you need is a work software. I all understand.I believe easypano also very hurry than you.

Now what easypano need is time and understanding and your support.

Maybe this is my last post in this forum and maybe this thread will be delete some day or soon by easypano.Becuase i do not know if easypano love me to say this. But i am a honst guy and i want to tell you that Easypano team is great, i love it forever and hope you support and love it as me as before.Please give easypano more time and more understanding. You get easypano products, you worth to owning it .

Again,thanks Harry, Lee and all other my easypano friends for your great support and understanding.Easypano need you ,Rely on you and service for you!

I love you all easypano friends forever!

Best regards


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It is a great discourse!! But it won't pay my damage.

It's really incredible that a ex employee of easypano (a good forum's friend that did very good his job) but not Easypano itself answered our requests.

How long time EP will reply us only for its liking?
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I wish You all the best Cheer !
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Dear Easypano friends:


Thank you for your support of easypano and we feel sorry for all the delayed service recently. I am jack, a new friend and customer support of all of you from now on. Please feel free to input your questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.


Besides, thanks for all the efforts cheer has done before. We will glad to see your words as well as our customers in the future. Surely, easypano will continue doing its best to serve clients as before.


Best wishes for all.