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Hey everyone... I now do have deep linking working which is a great feature, but I am curious if anyone has a solution for scenes that have a space between words such as "outside view" because deep linking won't work because the browser doesn't recognize the space. I know that I can use an underscore or something, but now you will see the underscore where ever you show the scene name. Thoughts? or is this something easypano will have to address? Thanks
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You have to create individual pages with their specific links leading to those area where your client can view those right away.
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Awesome work madmux! Again you're doing great things that I think should be in TW as standard already:)

I still have TW 6.5 and I tried with adding "?firstscene=xxxx" method but it doesn't work with this version I guess..
Or do you need to do something more than only put this "?firstscene=" in the address? Did I miss something?

I think I need to try your older way, but I see it takes long time to export many versions of the same tour and copy each config files into one project... and if all it takes in TW7 to put "?firstscene=xxxx" then I think I need to upgrade:)

Thanks a lot for your help guys!
Originally posted by seba_g on 2012-03-19 12:38


I have the 7.90 version and i can´t do this...


what i do wrong  

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