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TW 7 - Html not outputing

Hey there.

I was using the TW 6.5 and was quite happy with it, but then I upgraded to TW7 and my problems started...
I cant understand how things that were working fine on the other version can be all messed up now??

My latest problem is the output on HTML 5. Its just not working.. It just shows a white page and the tour dont appear.
HAs anyone have the same prblem out there? can anyone help me??


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Yes, it is a known problem and we are all waiting for the many, many bugs in TW7 to be fixed.

I suggest you go back to version 6.5 until a new stable release of TW 7.0 happens.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Hi, top360 & smooth

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by version updation.

Could you please send your projects to or input any link to your project so that our developers can test it and work out the solution.