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tw7 flash issues in firefox

ok smooth. youre batting 1000. Lets see if you can keep your streak alive.

Ive designed a tour in multiple sizes to accommodate PC, iPad, Iphone, and Smartphone. The tours look great in all browsers except Firefox. In Firefox the tour loads and plays fine, but the top 1/3 of the tour is cut off. Anyone know why this is happening?
Its not the files, because when I view the exact same file in other browsers they show correctly.

I know that iPad and iPhone will be using Safari browser so those versions is not an issue, as they would likely not be using Firefox anyway. But the smartphone and the PC versions are issues. Any suggestions?

p.s. I am working with flash in all browsers.
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Be sure to update your Flash browser plug-in for Firefox.

Second to that be sure the DOCTYPE is correct in the HTML header. Firefox is one of those browsers that insists on the HTML being W3C compliant.

I would need to see the page in question to inspect the code to go any further.

Regards, Smooth [8D]