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swf file for playing a pano in a website

I'd like to create a blank web page with only a pano playing automatically, but from what I've understood I need a swf file. Where can I get that kind of file? Can I use the twviewer.swf? or, what else do I need?

Many thanks.


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The only version you really should be using to publish to a web page is FlashVR or HTML5 for Safari Browser

Using FlashVR(SWF) will work but the loading screen will not function correctly. Unless you use a work around offered by forum member MADMUX. The single SWF file is really for Flash developers who wish to incorporate into their Flash AS3 projects. Or for those who wish to pass on a single Flash file to be viewed "locally".

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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File | Publish | and choose your formats. Flash VR(swf) is one option.