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Html5: someone having problems?

Dear Support from Easypano,

Tw7 does not publish html5 satisfactory.
I was publishing html5 tours by tw6.5 some months ago, and they are working almost fine (map doesn't work and the reset botton of scene also not, but scene's selection option is fine):

Now, I upgraded to tw7, and even I try to publish an html5 with thumbnail, it doesn't work. Tw7 only publishes without thumbnail, and tw7 does not publishes with scene's selection option, I really need that!

Beyond this, all flash configuration is also published in html5 directory files, and deleting these files from published html5 directory files is not enough to solve problem, because the published tw always try to show these files, even they are not located in html5 directory files, so I need to adapt all my work, to publish it without flash buttons and other features. Tw6.5 did this automatically.

I can just check html5 box in tw7 for publishing html5, so why reset button nor map buttons or thumbnail do not work after publishing? It is really disappointing.

Tw6.5 was working almost fine. I really hope you fix this bug, and I wait answer.
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I am having the same issue..
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Dear Support from Easypano.

I have a problem with the TW6.5, the problem is I can not see well the HTML5
when I do it in this format only see the first image of the tour but I can not switch to another, has no buttons or anything, as in this example

thanks hope you have the answer.