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Advice Please

Hi all,

Check out this Virtual Tour I have just created. I feel it needs a little something but not sure what exactly.

Virtual Tour

Thanks in advance

Hope That Helps

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Hi there,
Nice tour! Your image is well taken and shows off the shop well. If I was going to suggest any 'extras' it might be to consider having a text box in a pop-up window. This could explain what the shop is and what it sells. You might even want a link to the shop's website somewhere. You could have this as a clickable hotspot over an item for sale - I think this might get more clicks as, from what I've found, people find hotspots more clickable than other embedded links.
Hope this helps,
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I viewed your panorama and found the following.

Please take it constructive criticism to allow for improvements. Generally the panorama is not of a bad standard.

The splash is undersized for higher resolutions, if you wish to cover all screen resolutions you will need to build a 3000x2000 splash background.

  • Scroll bar shows in the browser.
  • Graphics (buttons) do not show a clean edge and look a little amateur/low quality.
  • General panorama image is a little soft and furry (lacks sharpness).
  • Both Zenith and Nadir need attention to clean up.
  • There are some obvious stitching errors.

Regards, Smooth [8D]