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Bugs In TW 7 for Mac

Firstly I want to say thank you for developing a Mac version of Tourweaver. I have been waiting for a Mac version for many years. I have tested TW7 for Mac and have found a lot of bugs and some things that need fixing up. Theres a lot more work to be done before the official release.

Secondly you need to make the Mac version identical to the Windows Professional version. There is no point in leaving some features out of the Mac version. This goes for future releases and updates of Tourweaver.

Background images in pop up windows dont display in the editor but do display when you output a tour.
The border colour for the thumbnail box works when you output a tour but the border colour doesnt show up in the tour editor.
Images placed over the Sceneviewer dont show up when outputted to html5.
The show/hide pop up window action doesnt work when applied to a button.
When I open up a TW project built using the Windows professional version, none of the buttons or images or background images in my tour show up. I should be able to take a TW project built in the Windows version and open it up in the Mac version and they work the same.
When I save a project, the application automatically puts three image files of buttons in the folder {Project name}> Window > MainWindow. The three button files are named button1.png, button2.png, and button3.png. Please dont auto save these files into the MainWindow folder. I dont want them there and are pointless!
Tourweaver unexpectedly quits when you try to preview a TW project saved in Windows. It gets to 31% and then crashes.
When you uncheck the tick box to make a thumbnail box vertical, the application crashes if using a windows TW project.
The outline of the cube faces in html5 version is showing. This is an issue in the Windows version as well. Please get rid of the 1 pixel outline of the cube faces!

You cant resize a pop up window in the editor by dragging out the resize handles like you can with other elements such as Sceneviewer or image or thumbnail box etc. Can you please allow us to resize pop up windows.
In the thumbnail box options you cant choose to select Setting > Type: Partial View like you can in the Windows version. This is absolutely vital to add in! I cant use the Mac version without this option added.
Under the Tourweaver menu you need to add the keyboard short cut Command H to hide Tourweaver. Currently this shortcut is set to open TW Help. The shortcut should be set to hide the application and not open help.
When outputting to HTML5 format the cube faces for both iphone and ipad tours are too compressed and look blurry. The image quality needs improving, or better yet give us the option to choose image quality and compression.
When outputting to HTML5 format the zoom in and zoom out buttons keeping zooming in when pressed. Please change this to be like the Flash output format where you only zoom in and zoom out on the panoramic image as long as you hold down your mouse button. So for HTML 5 tour you would only zoom in/zoom out as long as you keep pressing and holding down on the zoom button.
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