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No show in Google Chrome

Hi all,

Just finished my first Virtual Tour and all is well - but when I try to view it in Google Chrome (up to date version) all I get is a blank screen.

It plays in all other browsers. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe there's something in the 'Publish' stage I'm not doing?

Any help appreciated.
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For your tours that are not rendering in Google Chrome, please do the following.

Download the latest Tourweaver
Once the download is complete, find your way to the program folder.
...Program Files (x86)\ Easypano\Tourweaver 7.0 Professional Edition\resource

In the resource folder you will find a few TWViewer.swf files. Upload those .swf files, overwriting the ones currently on your server.
* I did have to rename mine from TWViewer.swf to twviewer.swf.

Open Google Chrome, click the wrench icon and go to settings. Click History, Clear All Browsing Data, Drop Down Selection Should Be The Begging Of Time, Select Check Marks next to History, Cache and Cookies.

Tours should now render properly in Google Chrome.