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Tourweaver 7 with 64 bits processor

Guyes, I'm experiencing some troubles with Tourweaver 7 on 64 bits machine, windows 7 professional edition

First problem is having a lot of crashes while developing panorama projects

I'm getting the following error message many times and in random manner whenever I try to preview / publish project

Error message

#0002003: Unable to save! Please make sure the driver is writable and non-shared with enough space

This error usually occurred whenever I edit Thumbnail control in my custom skin.

After getting such error message, I have to restart tourweaver, then continue working in project.

I have one driver C with free space 292 G.B

Support team told me it is a desk security issues, I followed their instruction however the problem hasn't been solved :S

I guess the problem is realted to Thumbnail control itself, because this error usually appear when edditing this control in custom skin

Second problem ( publishing )
While publishing try to select - slicing - option, if you are using 64 bits machine with windows 7, the publish will failed, the output will be created successfully however the panorama won't work fine - no images would appear -

Not sure if you had experienced any above errors before, if yes, please let me know, also if you have experienced other issues you may share it with me.

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Are you using cubic images?

I also got this as an error. I changed my panos from cubic to Spherical and that solved my problem.

Hope That Helps

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Where are you attempting to save the project to? Same disk as installed program? Or external disc?

Try saving direct to a folder on your desktop.

Regards, Smooth
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Yes, I'm using the same disk, I changed the default path to c:\demo however the problem still persist :S