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Tour not displaying on iPads when uploaded to server

I am having a problem that I wonder if anyone has been in this situation before.
I am outputting a tour on flash that works smooth on every desktop computer.
When I output this same tour on html5 and bring it up into my server, it works fine on iPhones and iPads. Until here, everything is ok, no problem at all.
The thing comes when my client or myself, uploads it to his server (my client's server). Then it only works on iPhones. In iPads it freezes on the first panorama (loading bar at 0%).
I have checked the names on the panoramas to make sure I am using correct spelling (some capital letters, no spaces but underscore_ ).
I am using TW 6.50.110225
Here are the links to my server:
And to my client's:
I uploaded the same files to both servers, with the result that it works on mine but it DOES NOT work on my client's.
Any helpful comment will be appreciated.

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Well as we can see its not the tour as you uploaded the same tour to both servers.

Maybe it is your clients server side. Try reducing the number of levels.







6 levels of information that server has to browse to find the tour.




Some servers has a level restriction. I never personally go past the 2nd level. As i feel it delays loading times for my tours.

Good luck

Hope That Helps