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help tw 6.5 in android

hi again I follow what leescott wrote about add a new line in index for android ( that´s what I understud; sorry for my english); here you are my index:



   <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Tourweaver">




     <script type="text/javascript">

var _url="";

var _bi=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();


if(_bi.indexOf("iphone")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipad")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipod")>0) _url="html5/sample1.html";

else _url="flash/index.html";




that line is the line I add; I create new folder (mobile); I created new virtual tour in tw 6.5 for mobile; the problem is that when I insert page in my android, it goes to flash folder and not to mobile folder.

What I need is that virtualtour link to mobile folder. I resized image to 3000x1500 only for virtualtour in android system.

do you know what I should add to index for  that?. Thanks a lot

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Do you have a link to your tour? What happens? when you try the code..?


here is a nice lint to test the useragent you're using


var _bi=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();


alert(_bi);     ( Add this line but not this text it will show you the userAgent it is detecting)




if(_bi.indexOf("iphone")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipad")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipod")>0) _url="html5/sample1.html";

else _url="flash/index.html";





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hi ; in my smartphone android galaxy s3 , it open a windows who say:

mozilla/5.0 (linu;u;android 4.1.1;es-es; gt-i9300 build/jro03c)

applewebkit/535.30 (khtml,like gecko) version /5.0 mobile safari/534.30

the link :

in my pc there was a windows more or less like that ; i removed alert now

thanks a lot