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help index for link to mobile folder

it is a good news the updated ; but I don´t understand why they didn´t do anything about problem view virtualtour in a android smartphone; I know it is a problem of flash; but, why don´t yo give us unless what we have to insert in index (javascript) that when virtualtour  detect  it is a android it goes to a new folder for android smartphone ( with tw 6.5) .

It is a big problem for people ( like me) that don´t know anything about javascript; for example, this is my main index:



  <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Tourweaver">




    <script type="text/javascript">

var _url="";

var _bi=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();


if(_bi.indexOf("iphone")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipad")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipod")>0) _url="html5/sample1.html";

else _url="flash/index.html";




In this index that line is for safari ; but can we add a new line here or in the index of flash folder that when it detect it is a smartphone it goes to mobile android folder?.

could you tell me what we have to add?

thanks a lot