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Problems wtih Tourwaver 7.5 HTML5


Here are some bugs that I found workingin Tourwaver 7.5:

 1. In html5 there is some issues with PopupImage, that action don’t worked.

 2. Whenviewing tours in html5 and if you already used a cylindrical image, allthe hotspots are moved from the original position. The new position is on theleft top.

Juan Parra
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I couldn´t even open my html5 tour on this new version...


But one version before, i had no problems, but the buttons...

So, whats the point of putting out a NEW version of the program, if this sort of bug still happenning?

When should we expect to get a version where HTML5 will work, just fine??

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Hi top360,


It is only a "Beta" version. That is the whole idea. We help test and give feedback to help speed up the process of Easypano releasing a working version. It is a little painful doing to so but too improve the product I guess it needs to be done.


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I don't mind helping with a BETA, but the BETA overwrote and took the place of my working 7.0, which I use to make $ by selling Virtual Tours to clients.

I don't know if I am the only person left on Earth that gives a crap about business morals ethics and values, but I have a problem selling a potentially buggy version to a client that puts MY reputation and the reputation of my business at risk.

I strongly urge next time the BETA be allowed to run WITHOUT replacing the working version.

Its just good business practise.