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Viewing tour on Kindle Fire HD

Hi I am trying to sort a tour out to view on a Kindle Fire HD (Android), I have used the script as a test to see if it can identify it as a non Flash device and redirect it accordingly but it does not work, does anyone have any experence of this. I have also tested on my Blackberry but again it does not work.

webpage: htttp://

       <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Tourweaver">
     <title>Virtual Tour Created By Easypano</title>
     <script type="text/javascript">
               var _url="";
               var _bi=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
               if(_bi.indexOf("iphone")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipad")>0 || _bi.indexOf("ipod")>0)|| _bi.indexOf("android")>-1)
               else _url="";

Any help appreciated

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