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Popup window position issue on flash tour tw7.5

Someone having problems with popupwindow's position?

In a first moment, all seems be fine, but always I put a popup window and set it to appear on the start screen tour (it is the main menu popup), Popup opens fine, but when I click on the button to close it, popup window disappears and reappears below its original position to then close. It generates a very undesirable and confusing visual effect.

It happens also when I set full screen or exit full screen when showing a popup.

What is happening? I need to wait an Easypano update or may I fix it myself?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello guys!

The post above is also mine. I was having problems to acces this account.

Now I'm able to post here from my old account.

So,about the above post, can anybody help me? Thank's!

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Could you please save and send your project to via so that I can check your settings? Besides, it is highly appreciated if you can send also the link if the virtual tour has been uploaded onto website.