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Radar does not turn

I use studio 2012. In this package we use Tourweaver 7.0. I had a problem with the radar. The radar was visible but did not turn at all when turning the 360 dg photograph.

A bugfixe was used and the radar did turn correctly as it shoul.

I upgraded to Tourweaver 7.5 and the same problem reappeared. The radar was visible, bu again did not turn at all. Therefore I downgraded Tourweaver back to 7.0. Can anyone help me to get the radar to turn similar to the movements with the 360 dg photograph.

Kind regards.

Toine Voeten

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Could you please send a link of your virtual tour? Besides, please send your project and published files  to via Thanks.

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Hi there,

I have the same problem.In my new project the radar won´t turn on some spots. It is pretty strange, that not all radar spots do the same, although the setup is absolutely identical.

I am using TourWeaver Professional 7.50.130427

What can I do? Is there a bugfix?

Thanks in advance,


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i have the same problem with radar on map: Doesn´t work correctly..if i click on radar the scene turns on blue and the radar doesn´t move.

Tourweaver 7.80.140516


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Hey Felipe!  Until EasyPano gets a chance to get back to you, this MIGHT be worth trying??

Heres a post copied that Ricky with Easypano posted

The latest version at present is Tourweaver 7.80.140527. Here is the download link:  

Not sure if this more recent build of Tourweaver will help, might be worth trying though...
May God Bless,



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I might have a solution.

If the radar of a specific point doesn't work try the following solution:

  • Remove the radar

  • Add a new one

    • Click "Sync Settings" and choose your "Scene Name"

      DO NOT synchronize their orientations!

    • Click "OK", "Save" and test your vr

  • Radar should work now

  • Now go  back to the "Sync Settings" ans sync your scene, but only using the pano on the left.

      • DO NOT use the radar sync on the right side.

      • Click "OK", "Save" and test

  • If it's working, great. If not, remove radar again, add new, select "Sync Settings" and choose "Scene Name" use the radar sync on the right, not the pano on the left.

  • Click "OK", "Save" and test

Now it should work. Remember to always use the sync-method that worked for you. If you use the other, the radar might not work anymore.

To the Easypano-Team, this might be a Bug :-)

Cheers from Germany,

Andreas Becker