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TW 7.5 WalkThrougth Effect does not work properly

Dear programmers! Please, see your demo with the NEW FEATURES on the site home page

Still theare is used the WALKTHROUGTH EFFECT linking stages, but it work with great issue( for a second displaying the next stage view and  only then begins the effect procedure for itself)

The same issue was in Beta 7.5 and  still present in 7.5 release.

Have a good day!

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Thank you for your feedback.

The effect of walk through has been optimized. You can check the sample at

Please replace the player in installer, then the issue would be fixed. The player can be downloaded at

Please paste it into resource folder of root installer of Tourweaver7.5 professional for Windows to replace the original one.

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Hello. I did this and it did not fix the problem. 


But since in Toueweaver 6.5 the walkthrougth transition is working just fine, I replaced all the "twviewer.swf" files on the reosures folder of Tourweaver 7 with the ones on the resourse folder of Tourweaver 6.5. Now the walkthrougth transition is working just fine.


It would be great if there were options for downloading past versions of Tourweaver.


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Replacing the "twviewer.swf" files on the resources folder of Tourweaver 7 with the ones on the resources folder of Tourweaver 6.5. works for the walkthrough effect issue.

But now it does not allow to use TW 7 API commands.

This is what happens to me.

It would be great if there was a running TW7.5 player.