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I've been using tourweaver since version 2.  I am currently using 6.5 but with the release of the new Android I have been unable to view my tours on my phone.  Question for the forum it work upgrading to 7.5 at this point?  Does it really work on the newer Android systems?


Normally in my HTML, tourweaver creates a simple auto-detection script that decides if you can view the flash version or the html 5 version.  Has this changed at all?  How are they deciding where you are routed based on different devices?


At this point I just want to match what I'm doing but have it work on Android as well as my iPad.  Everytime I look at the EasyPano examples on my Android device they do not work or load in correctly.


Last question...If I upgraded to 7.5 would I be able to re-publish my 6.5 tours to work correctly?


Thanks in advance for your answers.



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Android devices is supported by Tourweaver7.5. And the virtual tour format must be HTML5. The edition of  Android system should be 4.0 or above. Here is a simple sample for test on Android devices: Imperial- Palace/_auto/Tourweaver_Project74.html  

Users who have Tourweaver6.5 and want to upgrade to Tourweaver7.5 can upgrade the Tourweaver to Tourwewaver7, because Tourweaver7 shares the same license key with Tourweaver7.5.

Auto-detection script works the same in Tourweaver7.5. When you publish the virtual tour into "Automatical Flash/Html5", it will display flash virtual tour or HTML5 virtual tour according to your devices. Html5 virtual tour is selected to view on iOS devices and Android devices.

Project created with Tourweaver6.5 can be republished with Tourweaver7.5.

With Tourweaver7.5, you can also view virtual tour on iOS devices offline and turn on or turn off gyro effect as you like.