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Making lighter projects for clients with very slow connection

Hello. I want to upload my virtual tour in a server and then display it in a web page, but the  connection of the final clients (like schools or modem connections) is very slow, so i have to make the project as light as it can be, in order to make the loading process on the web faster. To find the  better way for me to do that i would need to understand some issues:

-How does Tourweaver load the scenes? (one by one or the entire project at the same time)
-Are the popup images and pop up windows (that appear when I press buttons and hotspots) loaded with the scene or in the moment that I press the button?
-Is there some option in the publishing settings that would help making the loading process faster (like  compressing)?
I make this questions to know if it would help to have the pictures and videos uploaded in an external  webpage like a mediacenter and bring them with a link to a url instead having them inside popup windows or by popup images.

Any advice would help. Thank you.

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Generally, when you publish virtual tour into Flash VR and embed it online, it would be a little quick than other format. Components, such as hotspot, button, would be downloaded when the first scene is shown. When changing to another scene, it would be quick.

Besides, if you are usning Tourweaver7.5, you can find "publish my scenes into JPEGXR format" in publish menu.You can select this option to have a try. Another option is "slice display", which can also accelerate the loading speed if your images are very large.

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I load all my fotos in photoshop

ctrl + shift + alt + s

change to 70%

you can reduce the size without losing quality

Hope That Helps

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In my experience, it loads the first scene at first and gradually in the background reads another. It's good when you're viewing a scene sequentially as listed. When you jump to the last load so slow because it reads the order and even the scene that you have identified.Excuse my English:)