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opening older project HTML5 problems

I have opened an older projet into 7.5prof because I want to publish it also in HTML5.

Puplishing flash works well and I have reduced the project for the tablets and it work half somehow.

What I mean by half is: some panoramas are shown correct, others doesnt get loaded and others distorted in black and white.

This project has about 20 panoramas, all same size 4000x2000

any idea?

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Good luck with that.  EP support team has been unable to solve my problems.  I am having the same issues.  As best as I can tell...I has something to do with your prior project or elements in the project.  Take the same tours and put them into a blank and they will probably work correctly.  When I get time I'm going to try to figure out what element is clashing with 7.5 causing it to publish distorted images.  


It's obviously starting to become a problem for not just me but others.  EP need to address these issues and fix their software.  Make sure you contact tech support so they can tell you nothing is wrong like me.

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Please download an executable file from to replace the original one in root installer of Tourweaver7.5 professional for win. If the scenes in HTML5 virtual tour are still black and white, please send your project to via Thanks.

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