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Radar doesn't work

Hello friends,

I'm very happy with Tw 7.5.

There is only an issue could be fix in next flash versions (yeah, it still have a few problems): No radar works correctly. When we preview on settings radar window, all seems to work fine, but when we run the preview tour it doesn't work, and the same happens in published tours.

TW only shows radars on map viewer, but its synchronization (that was already set - or should be fixed in the popup window radar settings, and that really appears like fixed there) doesn't work, but when we click them in previewed or published tour, the scene viewer became black and panorama disappears, turning from dark only when we click again on radar.

Can anyone help me?

Thank's in advance!

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Which edition of Tourweaver are you using? Please send your project to via We will test the issue as soon as we receive the project.

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I have a similar problem. The version 7.5. How to run radar?

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Hi Jaro,

Please send your project to via Thanks.

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Hello! I love this program. But Have the same problem with the radar. Two of 30 radars work in normal mode.Version 7.80.140516.

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i have the same problem with radar on map: Doesn´t work correctly..if i click on radar the scene turns on blue and the radar doesn´t move.

Tourweaver 7.80.140516