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EasyPano Tourweaver 4.0 to 7.5 HTML5 Issues

I've created dozens of virtual tours using Tourweaver 4.0 over the past few years in Flash format. All have worked exceedingly well.

Now I wish to upgrade to Tourweaver 7.5 to make use of the new HTML capabilities. I have downloaded a trial version of 7.5 and converted an existing tour so I can evaluate the HTML5 output and come across quite a few issues. I would be grateful if someone could explain whether there were any workarounds, future bug fixes or new versions that will allow the issues below to be resolved.

Before I list the issues please note that the Flash version works fine when upgraded visit to see a working demo.

Issues on iPad2 when displaying converted Tourweaver project. Visit to see  HTML5 version.

  • Intermittently get's stuck on loading screen

  • Inserts ugly generic navigation into preview area, even though custom navigation is already been built-in.

  • Full screen button does not work

  • Navigation nodes on map do not link to tours

  • Thumbnails do not link to tours although title is updated for the first click, then stops working thereafter.

  • Next and previous scene buttons do not work

Thanks in advance for any help. Once I can get this working I can proceed with the upgrade.

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Please send your project to via Thanks.

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Chris, did you get any help with this I have had similar issues I have contacted support through the online support tool today, I am just awaiting an answer!

kind regards,


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