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Tourweaver 7.5 Problems && No response to support request

Hi there,

Firstly to introduce myself my name is Sean and I work at a web design company, Static Dream. I am currently contracting to Elise of and am the current user of her license.

I have requested assistance via support and have not yet received a reply.

Over the last month I have been contracted to re-generate some tours into HTML5 format using TW 7.5. The tours were originally created in TW 6.5 but I have re-created them using a skin I saved from an original TW 6.5 tour project.

During the course of re-generating these tours I have run into multiple problems with the outputted files, my main problem is when outputting partially spherical images as HTML5 tours it breaks while the same images work fine in flash mode.

Setting the images to cylindrical will get the HTML5 tour working but due the images being partially spherical some distortion occurs.

Incidentally we have also tested using an image which we converted into full spherical format by adding canvas and that seems to work fine when outputted as HTML5 (please see the links to the example at the bottom of this email)

My priority is getting the HTML5 output of my partially spherical panoramas to work properly so it would be great if you could help with this as a priority.

As less of a priority I have run into multiple bugs in the outputted tours that would be great to have fixed as they are quite a few I have listed them below:


* breaks when using partial spherical images (as explained above)
* Full Screen does not work
* Stop button does not work on neither custom stop button nor the HTML5 toolbar
* If I the HTML5 tool-bar is enabled the lists stop working
* Loading bars have no loading data and are just UN-animated grey blocks
* List overlaps layout
* Some older Ipads have problems loading HTML5 tours and only show 1/5 of the image and the tour doesn't work


* Initial load percentage/kb data doesn't show when viewed in the browser
* Background doesn't show properly in flash player, shows as plain white seems to work fine in the browser though
* No controls on full screen mode
* White background appear when button is hovered over even though it has no colour

* Can't turn off "little planet view"
* Loading data has no space between "loading" and the percentage in percentage mode, has correct spacing in kb mode

To demonstrate all of the above I have created some sample projects, compressed them in RAR format and uploaded them to my server.

Included in the Output folder of each project are the outputted files for HTML5 and Flash VR SWF which I have generated here on my computer so you can take a look at exactly what I am seeing, apologies about the size of the archives.

It might be worth generating a flash VR version as well to see what I mean about the above bugs but I didn't want to make the files any bigger.

Please private message me for the links to the example projects mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post!

I look forward to hearing back from you, getting these problems sorted and moving forward with our project.

Kindest Regards,

Sean Newton.
Static Dream Web Development Services
ACTING on behalf of Elise @ Aged Care View

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Can someone please at least respond to my support request it has been 3 weeks..

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I sent you a mail to confirm some details about your questions. Please check it out.