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HTML5 popup window and other problems -Android

Hi Easypano,

I'm testing TW7.5 - I rebuilt a large tour from scratch and added new popups to fit iPhone/Android - and

have just converted a tour from TW6.5 - 7.5. I have follwoing problems when testing on 2 Samsung phones and Samsung tablet running Android.

  • On one Samsung phone a panorama opens even before the loading screen on the others not. There appears to be some kind of conflict between the pop-ups and panoramas!

  • I have three pop-ups which are set on show when the tour opens. On the top I have a menu, on the bottom I have control elements and in the middle a pop-up with user instructions which when closed opens a second pop-up with dveloper info and link to my site.

  • The problem I have is that the "help" popup just won't close... or only after numerous attempts!!! (On the tablett it kind of works (3-5 seconds before I get any response), however on the phones it just stays open and won't close until the whole tour has loaded)

  • Image quality on the Samsung is not great (due to lesser image size loading... this I can live with as it's trying to laod over 3g and thus needs lower bandwidth images)

  • On the tablett I have weird grey box lines appearing from the sides

  • The panos now freeze on the tablett and won't move

  • Very slow response from popups to close and slow response from button pressed on the phones (to minimalise problems I set the panos and pop-ups to blend in/out in 1 second interval)

  • The control elements on the bottom (5 buttons on popup)are sometimes at the bottom and sometimes in the middle of the screen

  • Moving from horizontal to vertical means that the upper menu doesn't stay centered (same with iPhone)and lower control elements either disapear or get stuck in the middle of the screen.

  • I opened the map and tried to click on a pano which worked fine on one Samsung but not on another. Instead the screen just doubled in size and caused elements to vanish or appear enlarged and only partily visable on the screen.

The iPhone/ipad and iPad mini tests were gennerally OK. The only problem I have with iPhone/iPad is that the lower pop-up with the control elements will sometimes rise to the middle of the screen. Also moving from horizontalk to vertical causes misalignment of the upper and lower control elements.

I'm using a friends version of TW7.5 and want to evaluate it before updating the software. However theseproblems need to sorted before i can invest in the update.These are some fundamentle basics that need to work as I'm unable to sell this to my clients who're all screaming out for updates!! I need help with this now!!!

The rebuild from scratch took me around 5 hours including redesigning the popups and testing. I've since invested another 3 hours with tweaking and 2 hours on trying to sort the above problems. Thats 10 hours and over the allotted time I had calculated for the work required. 50% of that is with problem solving which is just not acceptable.

Could others please test the tour for me too.

Here's the Link

Oh yes, I was using TW7.50.130427 and I see that there are some new builds. I'll get my mate to download the newest version, open the tour in the new version, republish and reupload... only and hour or so I need to invest...

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so my buddy updated his version of TW7.5 to the latest build and republished the tour for me. The only change is the new upper menu which now needs to be opened and has better spacing of the menu content.



  • Generally seems to work well apart from some slow close of pop-ups.

  • However the initial help pop-up which is set to be open after the tour loads should close and open a second popup with link to my homepage. The underlieing image to the second pop-up is now no longer visable... buttons to close and link to site are visable. This pop-up closes very slowly.

  • The tour doesn't pan automatically (I correct that... sometimes it doesn't)

  • The lower controls now remain on the bottom of the screen when I move from horizontal to vertical (great)

  • The tour took along time to load.(that in comparison to the previous build and very slow in comparison to tablett and samsung

Samsung tablett:

  • The new menu button at the top of the screen "weitere Inhalte" won't function and open the underlieing menu pop up. (Works on iPhone and iPad)

  • Everytime I touch the screen I get a brief orange translucent overlay over the entire screen.

  • Some pop-ups just won't close or close only after many many attempts.

  • the tour doens't pan automatically

Samsung phone:

  • Now that seems to work better with fast load.

  • Can't open the top menu "weitere Inhalte"

  • other pop ups seem to close better (though still not perfect and sometimes need 3-4 attempts to close the pop-up)

  • horizontal mode i

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Same Problem here


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Hello EP,

we're still awaiting an answer here????

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It is suggested that you send us the publish file andthe project; we will check it for you. Please send your project via