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_auto doesn't work, iPhone popups won't close, Flash tours crash on firefox!!! THIS IS A CONSISTANT PROBLEM!!!!!



  • When scanning the url code to the _auto/filename, via a QR code I've generated, I land on "flash required" instead of being linked to the html5 version automatically. FAIL!!

  • I can't close pop-ups on the iPhone FAIL!!

  • Flash tours tend to crash on Firefox!!!

I've been a real big fan of TW from the start but have been very frustrated that the tours won't funtion properly under HTML5. I've been restricting the amount of elements I'll add to a tour in the hope that the tour will at lest function. BUT NO!!!

Here is a basic and simple 3 Pano Tour. I've got 3 buttons to link to the panos and very basic controls.I have 1 popup that is open initially (the help screen) but it just won't close on the iphone!!! To solve this I'll be creating another version of the tour for ipad/iphone without popups (more work and unsatisfactory work around) because the client needs the tour now and I just can't wait for a solution.

I've also noticed that the tours are crashing on firfox. Yesterday I was showing a sample tour to a client which crashed the flash player on 3 occaisions. The client said that my software doesn't seem to be stable and I lost the job!!! WTF!!!

This is the same problem I've been having for many months and not only wastes my time but seriously undermines my business as I spend 50% of the time sorting problems with the software and have unhappy clients.

Here is the link to the tour

iPanomedia "The social people" MAC Book Pro, CS5,5, Canon 7D, Sigma 8mm

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I also recently dissatisfied. I have to make 2 versions tour. One for Flash and one for HTML5. The HTML5 seems to me that the image quality is reduced.

Exports from the last version of TW 7.7 is not me at all. Some browsers tour will open others do not. Already two weeks solved the tour for a client and I lost a lot of time problems of softwear.

Example flash cool

HTML5 on my computer just fine in Chrome, Firefox does not work, opera does not work, Maxthon does not work. For me, TW and totally HTML5 problems.




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We are sorry for the inconvenience and we are more than happy to test the project for you if you could send the product info, system info to us, the project and folder file could be sent to along with necessary info will be of great help.