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2nd pano in movie goes blank

Has anyone had a problem where the 2nd pano in the movie will not play. I'm having intermittant problems with this. The pano goes black but the hotspots are still visible? The pano when clicked on through the hotspot via the plan works fine. It's only when the movie is initially playing.

Here's the link...can you let me know if it is working at your end.

Marlow 78 Tour

Any feeback from EP would be appreciated.


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Dear customer, thank you for having sent us the project file to and now we have submitted this issue to our developers for checking:) will update you when the news are coming from them


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Hi Gordon

did you get a resolution for this issue? I have a similar problem wherein the camera does not transition to the second Pano. Even manually selecting the pano cameras does not do the trick.

I have been waiting for a response from the team for a week now with no luck.

BTW, is there a limit to the size of the image for the pano cameras?

My project is in 3D and the link is



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Any one have a fix for this issue? If I let my tour autoplay it will sometimes go thru the first few panos and then it will just go black. If I right click I can see that it is still playing because the little star by the scene name keeps moving to the next scene until I click on one of the hotspots or click on a scene in the right click menu. Then they all come back for a while and then it goes black again. 


Please any ideas will be tested because I need this to work!?!?!