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Preview loading faild

when i try to open a tour on my tablet and pc i am getting preview loading failed cant work it out really confused any body else had same problem and found the out how to fix this problem.

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Hi Barry, Are you running the latest version of tourweaver 7.80.140527

May God Bless,


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Hi, I have the same error too. Very frustrating. My system development stops because of this!

I am on Tourweaver 7.80.140527 already.

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Good evening,

The problems with flash crashing When using external links was solved with the twviewer files in package, but now every image or picture in pop-up of my "Tour 360" disappeared. How come?

I have 40 clients with link buttons to social media, google maps, youtube videos, twitter or other 360 tour. All then with flash crashing. My clients host the tours on their own servers. So I have to republish them and lead my clients again? This will be a big problem.

I am using TW 7.50.130812, and i tried to use the last version (7.80.140527) but the preload stop on 10%. I don't know what to do.


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Was this problem ever solved?

I have a customer reporting this error In Internet Exploer 11 on Win 7

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM