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Flashed again?

Can anyone give me a reason why all of my tours that used to look like the one in the top photo now open looking like the one in the bottom photo?  Was there a recent Flash update that is causing this to happen?  Tours that have been online for many months on 2 different servers or hosts all now open with the window looking like the bottom photo, which is NOT correct.  When the
description button is clicked, the popup window now opens overlaid on the thumbnails, when it should be at the bottom left of the scene viewer.  Tours that were created with several different versions of Touweaver are affected.  The very bizarre thing is that they all still open perfectly on my main computer, which also has the latest version of Flash.  New AND old tours open correctly on my main desktop computer, but incorrectly on my laptop and on every other computer on which they have been tried.  Where is that brown background around the main tour window coming from?