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Unable to insert still images into movie

Please is there anyone out there that knows how to insert a still image into the scene list(in the latest version). In previous versions you could quite easlily do it because it asked you what type of image you wanted to insert. Low and behold...............without any indication or notice this has all changed. When I now insert a still image it automatically trys to pan a 360 on it!

EASYPANO..............for the love of us all...........please tell us about changes you are making and when you do, please tell us a bloody good reason why you change something that was working perfectly.I have been using this system as a display movie for some time without the interacitve component. Now I have to revert back to an earlier version!

Why do we have to lose usefull tools when the system upgrades. It seems we are going backwards.

I would, and I think everyone would like a response to this regarding changes to the program when it is upgraded and not work it out by chance.PLEASE TELL ME WHY I NOW HAVE TO USE TW 7.5!!!!!!!!

The amazing thing is when I import the still images in an  earlier version, the latest version recognises these images as still images and runs them accordingly in the movie!

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Dear Gordon,

I can deeply feel your feeling. But still image is still welcomed in the latest version, which can automatically identify the image type. However, sometimes it may identify mistakenly. And you can change the scene type in the property below.