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TW 7.9 Questions

Easypano great work on the latest version of tourweaver.  It really seems to be moving in the right direction easpecially in html5. For once the tours show at the same ratio 1 to 1 on my iphone (meaning that if I add a 50 pixel wide button it displays 50 pixels wide in the browser) in html5 from a device like the ipad to the iphone.  In the past the iphone tours graphics would be much larger then the screen. I guess at this time that is great, but is there a way to scale the size of graphics depending on the screen resoultion because now everything seems a bit small on the iphone.  Also you use to be able to adjust initial-scale=1.0 in the html, but it now seems to be overridden by the manifest file.  

Any ideas?  Thanks