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Textfield does not appear in firefox (TW 7.90 - HTML5 export)

Can you help me with the textfield bug please....(different scenes with different text)

why does the text "Unsere Ausstellung in Lauffen" at the top not appear in firefox? And also it does not appear inside iframes at...

...only the white bar appears..but not the text.

Is this a javascript bug?

By the my Android smartphone it works at vertical view. when turn to horizontal view the text also not appears in chrome browser.

Thank you!


Tourweaver 7.90

Carsten12 - Tourweaver 7.90

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About the first link, I test it with my Foxfire and it works fine. What is the version of your Firefox?

And about the second link, please give me the project. The developer will help to find the reason.

My email:

Also, please tell me the version number of Tourweaver.

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1,    (ok)

2,  (The file cannot be found

Upload the files to the directory on your host server