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problem with large jpg

 I want to create a VT to be watched locally, not to be uploaded as a website, because I want to get the highest quality from the photos. I used a very large equirectangular photo, say about 15000 x 7500 pixels for 60 MB. The strange thing is that TW always publishes the project in slice display mode, even if the box is unchecked, so I get a folder with a lot of small jpgs, whose total size varies depending on the output:
in flash: I get about 450 small jpgs for a total of about 14 MB
in html5: I get about 700 small jpgs for a total of about 27 MB
in flash-swf: I get only one swf file of about 14 MB
So where have the other MBs of the original jpg gone? Why does TW shatter the original jpg? I'd like TW to keep the scene jpg unchanged, as usually it works with much smaller photos. How can I get this, if it's possible? If it's not, is the html5 output the best option to get the highest quality possible?
Many thanks.

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Unless you're going to display the Equirectangular Projection on something other than a computer monitor and want to zoom in to read the fine print in a magazine, your size may be unnecessary

The reason Tourweaver "slices" an Equirectangular Projection is so that that viewer can load only the part being viewed, its faster over the 'Net

Doug A

Doug Aurand
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You can edit the jpeg quality in FLASH VR list of Publish Settings.