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HTML5 on Android "Safari Only"

Using TW6.50.120824 Professional.  I can only find really old posts about this, so I think it makes sense to post a new thread.  The auto file detects flash and will not play.  Going directly to the HTML file displays "Safari Only".  I get this result in Chrome and the default browser on the Samsung Galaxy Note4 default browser.

Here are my tour links, with the first being an auto-detect file:


I would upgrade to the newest version if I knew it would fix my problem, but don't want to pay for it without knowing if that will work or if I can do something to make this version work.  I'm not doing a lot of these so I hate to spend the money on the new version if not necessary.  My expenses are going through the roof lately!

Many, many thanks to anyone who can help!

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Hi Michelle,

It's supposed that the outdated version of Tourweaver has some compatibility problems with the latest operating environment. I make a simple sample by the latest Tourweaver 7.96 150430 pro, please check the link on your PC and mobile devices, i have tested it with safari, Chrome and another default browser, it works fine, if you need, i can send you the screenshots by e-mail.  

Besides,I checked in our order management system and found that you are an early user of our software,  considering of the situation you mentioned, i'd like to give you 10% discount to upgarde your TW6.5 to 7.96. You can log in with the e-mail account you used to buy TW6.5 and enter the user panel, then you will find upgrade options there. I will send you the coupon code privately.

Best Regards,