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First Scene Display

What is the proper technique to change the initial scene of a tour in flash and html5?  I see in the code of the flash there appears to be a way but cannot quite figure it out.  Also the way I use to change the initial scene in html5 doesn't seem to be working.  So if you could show me in both flash and html5 that would be great.

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Dear Customer,

you can put a link into an external website that brings user into a specific sphere,please see the link:

After you publish the virtual tour, it will create a link to view the whole tour. If you want to directly view a specific scene in the virtual tour, you need to add"?firstscene=scenename" to the end of your published virtual tour link.

For example, I upload a virtual tour to our test server and then link is  and the default first view is "street" scene. If you want to view the "study" scene in my virtual tour directly, just add"?firstscene=study" to the end of the link. so the link should be

You can click the link above to test.

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