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transfer licence doesn't work

if I add my activation key into the mask, I get the info, that I need to transfer my licence. so far so good. But under Help, transfer licence isn't active.


i have to admit, that because of an hardware crash I can't deactivate my old version....

... and I found, I have to send an mail to the support. Point is, that they will reply on Monday, if Im lucky, but on the weekend I need to finish some jobs. quite upsetting!

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Hi Stephan,

As you mentioned, because of an hardware crash, you didn't deactivate my old version. So the license key is considered to be bundled with the previous activated software.

We can transfer for you this time, please send your license key or the e-mail account you used to buy our software to, then i will reset for you.

But the next time, please transfer by yourself if possible.

Best Regards,