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3D Auto-modeling Software Survey

Anyone interested in an auto-modeling software which could quickly produce a photorealistic 3D scene simulation model from just a video? This should be useful in film special effects, 3D animation, 3D advertising, architecture design and show, real estate, city planning, games, tourism, entertainment, games, exhibition, e-commerce, ...

If yes, there is a survey questionnaire you may feel interested:

This questionnaire is from Easypano, and participators will be rewarded. Please learn more details from and

Following is some application cases designed for some typical industries:


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Whitney Rong

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I would like to be able to model archetecture inside and out in true virtual reality as well as 3D objects.

Ideally, I could use the same images which I have used to create 3D object animations, to create the virtual model which could be viewed from an infinite number of camera angles. 

Present systems require sometimes hundreds of control points.  If increasing the number of input images could decrease the number of control points required, that would help with work flow.

A virtual reality model could greatly reduce the file size of a high resolution model.

For example, I have a high resolution interactive animation shot from 72 different positions at 30 degree increments horizontally and vertically.  The file size is about 140 mb. 

Could your programmers do something with this?

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Thank you so much, Alan!

Yes, we've written down your requirements and will add them into our product wishlist. As it's still in an early development stage, everything is possible, if only you could put it forward.

Any related feature requirements or new ideas are always welcome!

We'll try to make the high resolution modeling much easier and quicker than the current solutions.  That's why we call ourselves Easypano...