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Hint For Flash Object

hi . I'm 3 years using the towrweaver and I have done many projects with this application , But I have a few suggestions that Thank you if to the following these .
1 . please insert text , image and flash hint for flash and video object such hotspot and polygonal hotspot because many from hotspot that use in projects are flash and need to hint . in tw7 I've used from polyganal hotspot on the flash object and set action on it to fix this problem . but in tw7.70 Not at all set not the object on any Flash object's , and any way flash object s are on priority .
2 . in tw7.70 When the mouse is over on the polyganal hotspot it did not change to hand
3 . Please allow that set unlimited number lens flare With a variety of forms on the each panorama
Please reply me soon
thanks and best regards

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Thank you for the suggestion on the features, we will submit the tips to our developers for evaluation.