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Resize Still Photos to work on different HTML5 devices

Tourweaver 7.7Pro makes multiple copies of all the Still Photos in a tour?

There are 4 copies of each Still Photo, one in flash/scene, one in html5/scene/xx/iphone, one in html5/scene/xx/ipad and one in html5/scene/xx/PC (I assume "PC" is for Android)

Why aren't they resized appropriately for the devices they will be displayed on?

I use 400kb size and 2000x1333 dimensions that look and work great on a Desktop or Laptop, but smartphones struggle with these large images. The iPhone images (or all HTML5 images) could be resized to near the iPhone 5screen size of 1136x640 or the iPhone 4s screen size of  960x640

If Tourweaver is going to make multiple copies of each photo in Folders labeled for iPhone, iPad and "PC" why not have the software resize them to work better and load faster on the devices those folder are for?

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM
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Dear Customer,

Sorry for the late reply, the auto adjust feature is still under development and our developers are doing their best to improve it, thank you for the feedback.

And as for now, you could compress and send the file to us and we will have our developers try to improve the tour for you.

Thank you in advance.