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Signature maseczki ochronne A medical mask, also called an oral or facial mask, is supposed to be worn by medical professionals in health care settings.  It's designed to prevent inhalation of bacteria and droplets in the atmosphere by capturing airborne bacteria that are shed from the mouth and nostrils of the wearer and catching them in a protective covering. There are lots of unique types of health masks available and are used by many different medical professionals.   The many diverse materials used to make medical masks vary from latex to silicon.  Latex masks have long been a preferred material by many medical professionals for their ability to resist bacteria and other contaminants while maintaining sufficient ventilation.  However, while they're resistant to infections and contamination, latex masks can deteriorate and may not provide adequate ventilation or are too thin.  While they are more durable than many other kinds of health mask materials, they aren't ideal for extended periods of use. Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam or High-Density Silicon, is a relatively new type of medical mask material.  This sort of mask is like a plastic container, which is usually produced from a high density foam that has an airtight seal when filled with medical waste and put within the hospital. Styrofoam is normally thick enough to prevent bacteria from entering the individual 's respiratory system and is designed in such a way that air can be pumped through the mask immediately.  Because it's not thick, it's also able to move around freely, keeping the nose clean and the mouth dry and preventing contamination from the individual 's sneezing, coughing or breathing deeply.  They are more expensive than other medical mask materials but have shown to be an effective choice for hospital employees. Silicone is a natural product and therefore will not degrade over t