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Full Screen Panorama

Easypano has developed software to publish full screen panoramas. Panoweaver and Panorama2Flash can both create full screen panoramas.

Panoweaver can stitch 360 degree panoramic images and also publish panoramas to full screen panoramic tour in Flash, QuickTime and Java player. To use Panoweaver, you can use either fisheye photos or normal photos to stitch spherical and cylindrical panoramas with Panoweaver. After the panorama is completed, simply click publish and the panoramic image will be exported into the following formats. Click the links to view panoramas in various players. Double click on the panorama to view it in full screen.

Spherical panorama
Cylindrical panorama

bathroom panorama by Panoweaver
Flash | QTVR | Java

park panorama by Panoweaver
Flash | QTVR | Java

Panorama2Flash can not stitch photos, but only export panoramas, either spherical or cylindrical 360 degree panoramic photos, to full screen panoramic tour in Flash. You can import a batch of panoramic photos in Panorama2Flash and publish full screen panoramic tours in batch mode. Right click publishing is supported. Simply select a group of panoramic images and right click to choose publish with Panorama2Flash and then all the panoramas will be published into Flash player.

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