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Virtual Tour EXE Key Features

Below are some features of Easypano Virtual Tour EXE 1.00:

Features How It Benefits Users
The generated virtual tour is an standalone execuatable one. It runs on all Windows computers with no Plug-in or Java environment necessary.
Both compressed JPG and uncompressed BMP images are supported in the virtual tour. The virtual tour with JPG images is very small thus it is easy to be emailed to others. The virtual tour with BMP images loses no quality thus it is suitable to be used in a CD or in a touch screen multimedia system.
Scenes in the virtual tour can be palyed one after another automatically. No clik or drag is necessary.
Sound file for each scene and background sound for the whole virtual tour may be added. Your favorite music or your own recorded voice can be used as background sound or explanation in the virtual tour to make it a more charming tour.
Wizard-style interface Easy to use
Personalized skins You are able to customize skins of the virtual tour by designing the skins by yourself and add them to the skin library.
Agent Info Your own information including photo can be added to the virtual tour for advertisement or for fun.
Autorun files created automatically Autorun virtual tour CD can be burned easily.
Full screen mode The virtual tour can be used in a much wider range such as in a touch screen multimedia system.

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