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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 Tourweaver 2.00 Beta

Tourweaver 2.00 Beta is coming! You are welcome to download the beta version and give us your feedbacks.

What's New
System Requirements
Known Issues
Main Testing Points
How to Use Tourweaver 2.0
Bug Report

What's New

Added features:

  • New styles and features of Interface including align, grid, ruler, guides, group, snap and float/collapse/expand panels.
  • Undo/Redo is supported
  • Multiple maps are supported
  • Map replacement without changing hotspots/radars
  • Multiple audio formats are supported including mp3, wav, au and midi
  • Full screen of scene viewer and map viewer by double clicking
  • Movie controller component is added
  • Big size and high quality images supported
  • The Java player possesses excellent performance, even rivaled with QuickTime
  • Publish the movie to video
  • Resource library is used
  • Show additional detailed image in a popup window
  • Javascript API is supported
  • Macro and template are supported
  • The Main Window can be zoomed at the range of 25%-800%
  • The new version applies abundant actions for most the components like print, email, execute scripts, etc

Improved features:

  • The Walk Through transition effect for scene
  • Radar scan area customization
  • Show/hide certain type of hotspot
  • Text hotspot and text-image hotspot are supported
  • Add Tag button and Toggle button to button types
  • Introduce three states images for hotspot
  • The content in Thumbnail, Listbox and Combobox can all be customized
  • One license can be activated on both desktop and laptop

Fixed features:

  • The still image will be shown properly in scene viewer when choosing Best Fit
  • The loop feature for background music is corrected. (When you choose no for loop, the music will only be played once)
  • The map border can be set as transparent
  • The reverting of program window is enabled


System Requirements

To use Tourweaver 2.00, you need:

Operation System

  • Windows 2000 supported
  • Windows XP supported

Minimized requirements for hardware

  • Processor: PIII 800 or higher
  • RAM: 256MB or higher, 512MB recommended
  • Display resolution of 800*600 or higher, 1024*768 recommended; 16-bit color or higher supported
  • Network card needed


  • Microsoft IE 5.0 or later version supported
  • Netscape Navigator 4.5 or later version supported
  • Firefox 1.0 or later supported

To view virtual tour, you will need:

For Windows:

  • Win 2K, Win XP, Win98, Win98SE, WinMe
  • PentiumII 200 MHZ or faster processor
  • 64M RAM minimum
  • Video display of 800x600 pixels or higher, 16-bit colors or higher supported
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version, Netscape 4.0 or higher
  • Microsoft JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
    Note: Windows 98/2K/Me have installed JVM by default. However, for Windows XP, you need to install JVM seperately. Please download it at .

For Macintosh:

  • Mac OSX
  • G3200 MHZ or faster processor
  • 64M RAM or more
  • Video display of 800x600 pixels or higher, 16-bit colors or higher supported
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version, Netscape 7.0 or higher


Known Issues

  • In scene editng status, scene may not completely display if set as Best Fit.
  • Switching high resolution images in Full Screen mode may cause out-of-memory.
  • JVM auto-detect does not work.
  • Sound is supported in exported video.
  • If Pan, Tilt or FOV value is limited, location of the scene will be wrong in Movie.
  • Initial Fov setting of a Cubic type scene and linktoscene setting will result in playing problems.
  • Tour sound is not supported well for Firefox.
  • Refreshing IE may cause an exception on Mac OS X.


Main Testing Points

  • Use align, grid, ruler and guides when editing the skin.
  • Use multiple types of images: spherical, cylindrical, still image, Kaidan and remote-reality. Partial panoramas.
  • Change the settings of scene's Pan, Tilt and Fov.
  • Import and replace skins.
  • Transition effects of scenes and maps.
  • The actions of button: linktoScene, left, LinktoMap, etc.
  • The Synchronization of Scene and radar.
  • Create movie and preview.
  • Converting of project files of 1.30 edition (.vtp) to 2.0 project files (.tw).
  • Switching scenes and maps when displaying.
  • Full screen mode (scene viewer and map viewer).



Click here to view the demo.


How to Use Tourweaver 2.00

Click here to view the video training.


Bug Report

You may report bugs to us. Any of your comments is appreciated.

Please kindly include following information in your bug report:

  • Your operating system, e.g. Windows XP 2.
  • JVM or JRE version, e.g. JRE 1.5.0_06.
  • Browser and version, e.g. IE 7.0.
  • A screenshot of the bug is prerefered.


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