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Panowalker Panorama Requirement

Panowalker supports panoramic images of two types: Spherical and Cylindrical.

How to obtain required panoramic images?

  1. Spherical Panoramas
  2. Cylindrical Panoramas

Spherical Panoramic Images

  • Equipment needed:
    Digital Camera, Fisheye lens, Panohead, and Tripod.
  • Software recommended:
    Easypano Panoweaver. Panoweaver is a panorama stitching program. If you want to spend less time in stitching spherical panoramic images (width:height=2:1), we recommend you use Panoweaver. You can use fisheye lens to shoot 3 circular images or 4 drum images for stitching a spherical panoramic image, then import them in Panoweaver and stitch quickly to get spherical panoramic images. Compatible equipment for Panoweaver 5.00 can be found at Equipment List.

Stitch spherical panoramas from 3 circular fisheye images

Stitching spherical panorama from drum type fisheye images


Cylindrical Panoramic Images

  • Equipment needed:
    Digital Camera, Standard lens, Camera panorama lens attachment (One-Shot) such as Kaidan 360 One VR, 0-360 Panoramic Optic and etc, and Tripod.
  • Software recommended:
    There are software like Photowarp which can do the unwrapping. Please note that Panowalker 1.00 only supports FOV symmetric cylindrical panoramic images like the following:


Shooting Techniques

Panowalker helps to realize the walkthrough effect of panoramic virtual tours, so what we need to do is to import a series of continuous panoramic images. If you pay attention to the following tips, you can get away from all the troubles of post-retouching, and get high quality virtual tour effect.

  • Shoot equidistantly. In this way, the final virtual tour will be playing consistently at uniform speed. For interior shooting, you may take a panoramic shoot every 40cm, and for outdoor shooting, you may take a panoramic shoot every 100cm.
  • Keep the nodal point at the same level.
  • Take the images along the path

If you are shooting fisheye images for spherical panoramic stitching, you need to take care of the shooting direction, one of the fisheye images should always be taken at the path direction. See below:

Shooting technique

Some Suggestions:

    • Keep single panoramic image dimension within 2000 x 1000 pix, and single image file size around 150KB. If the images are too large in size and dimension, the loading speed and consistency of the final virtual tour will be affected.
    • All the panoramic images should be the same in dimension.