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Easypano EPublisher 1.00, August 15, 2013
Builder:1.00.130815 Download

[+] Batch publish 300 spherical and cylindrical panoramic images into Flash, HTML5, QTVR, SWF virtual tours
[+] Batch publish Flash VR with Loading Window, customizable Control Button and Background Music
[+] Batch Cubic/Spherical Conversion with customizable image size setting
[+] Batch Adding ceiling and floor images to panoramic tours
[+] Html5 tours resize setting for viewing on iPhone and iPad
[+] Improved panorama player with Flash 11 playing engine
[+] Customize Pan, Tilt and FOV value for virtual tours
[+] Customize rotating speed, auto rotating direction, viewer size and scene quality
[+] Initial Little Planet Effect.
[+] Play the Flash, HTML5, QTVR, SWF virtual tours in full screen
[+] Show/hide loading bar and customize the loading bar location

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