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What to do if I want to use Panoweaver or Tourweaver in another computer with only one key?


First, please run the software. In menu "Help", there is one item "Transfer License Key". Please click on it and transfer the key. Then, please activate the software in another computer. As soon as the transfer is completed, you can use the license to activate the software in another computer.

"The tranfer activation is not clickable in my tourviewer. Why?" - The software is activated in the computer, but if you update your computer's hardware or format your PC without transferring your license or your computer is crashed, the option of 'transfer license' will be greyed out. In this way, you can not use the license in other computers. Please contact Easypano support team to transfer the license for you under these conditions. Please tell us the product name and version, the software license and email address under which the license is registered. Easypano support team will give you a reply within one business day.

Note: Licenses of the following products can be used to activate the corresponding software in a laptop and desktop at the same time:
Panoweaver 5.00 (Batch and non-batch)
Tourweaver 3.00 (Professional and Standard)
Modelweaver 3.00
Panorama2Flash 1.00
Panowalker 1.00

  use Panoweaver or Tourweaver another computer with only one key Panoweaver Tourweaver Transfer License Key laptop and desktop
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