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Cannot view Virtual Tour on win 2003 server

I managed to fix the issue. Here is the steps I took; Since you attached the jp1 extension directly to the ASPNET prossess, I decided to browse directly to a jp1 file to see if I got an error. (eg: This returned a .NET error: "Access denied to 'D:\websites\\'. Failed to start monitoring file changes." This lead me to belive it was a file permisions error. I found the following MS article that related to the .NET error: Again, this supported a permissions error. To find out exactly which proccess was haveing file access problems, I ran sysinternals FileMon utility(a tool) on the directory in question and tried browsing to the site. In our case it turned out that the NETWORK SERVICE was being denied access. Once fixed all is well. Please post this on your Knowledge articles for others to use.
  windows 2003 server 2003 jp1 load Tourweaver NETWORK SERVICE Access denied
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