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Compared to Tourweaver 6.5 Professional,Tourweaver 7 is more powerful with a lot of new added useful features and optimization. Tourweaver 7 supports all the features of Tourweaver 6.5.

Comparison Chart between Tourweaver 6.50 Pro and Tourweaver 7 Pro

Key features Tourweaver 6
Tourweaver 7

Flash Tour

FLV for Loading Video

Share on Facebook

Add Online Video (Youtube)

Add 3D Object in Main Window and Popupwindow

Support Adobe Flash 11

Open AS API and JS API

flash no

flash yes

HD AVI Virtual Tour

Multilingual Tour

Map full screen

Google Maps full screen

Add sceneviewer in Popupwindow

New Flash thumbnail design

More flash Thumbnail samples

7 New design Transition effects

Open/Close Multiple popuwindows

Optimized Sound Control system

Hotspot and Radar can be added via Right Click menu

Actions can be added through Right Click menu.

Title of Poupwindow can be hidden.

Text, picture and SWF can be used as Hint.

Gigapiexls Panorama

Horizontally/Vertically equidistant distribution is supported

More User Friendly Interface and Operation

Flash Player Quality optimized

HTML5 Tour (iPhone/iPad/Safari)

Add Text

Add TextArea

Anchoring function for all components

Anchoring function for Popup Window

Still Image type scene.

Cylindrical type panorama

Add image

Adding separated common Map and Google Maps

Support Google Maps Street View

Customize Button Position

Support both "Scale to Browser Window " and "Specified Size"

Scene Viewer

Map Viewer

Google Map Viewer




Polygonal Hotspot


Action for actions like Left, Right, Up, Down, Zoom in, Zoom out, Stop, Open Popupwindow, Close Popupwindow, Show/Hide Popupwindow, Open Multiple
Popupwindow, Close Multiple
Popupwindows, Open PopupImage and Link to scenes

Check the details of functions fifferences between HTML5 tour and Flash tour :
Functions Comparison Chart between "Flash" and "HTML5" tour in Tourweaver7

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