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HDR Tool Video Tutorial

HDR Tool with Panoweaver 6
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HDR is abbreviation of High Dynamic Range. In graphics, high dynamic range refers to the ratio of the maximum lightness level to minimum lightness level.
Photo stitching software-Panoweaver supports:

  • HDR solution to resolve over exposure and under exposure problem.
  • Creation of HDR image and converting HDR to LDR image.

There are two methods. One is to import Camera Raw file and to stitch it into 16 bit panoramic image. The other is to get HDR image from bracket exposure, that is, to shoot several groups of images of the same location with different exposure values, stitch each group into panoramas and then combine them to get HDR image.

Stitch HDR image from Camera RAW files

  1. Shoot in RAW mode.
  2. Import camera RAW files in Panoweaver 8 Professional edition to stitch panorama.

Create HDR Panoramic Image from bracket exposure:

  1. Shoot the same location with different exposure values, and stitch each group of images with Panoweaver 8 Professional to get a panoramic image.
  2. Click Panoweaver 8.6 Batch Processing icon , and click to open the stitched panoramic images, and then click create HDR button to combine HDR panorama.
  3. Change Bit Depth to 8 bit and adjust exposure and gamma values. Then save the panorama.

Combine bracket exposure images into an HDR image:

  1. Open ..Panoweaver 8 Professional Edition -> Create HDR Image and import a group of images with different exposure values
  2. Click and a 32 bit HDR image is stitched. Select 8bit(LDRI) and adjust the Exposure and Gamma values:

  3. Finally, save the image