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Remove the Tripod by Viewpoint Correcting (Pro Only)

Remove the Tripod by Viewpoint Correcting (Pro Only)
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Basic Steps: 

  1. shoot the horizontal photos Horizontally rotate the head 60°clockwise and shoot a photo, altogether 6 photos. 
  2. shoot the real floor Vertically                                 rotate the head 90°upward and shoot the ceiling. And then rotate the head 180°downward and shoot the floor. The floor being shot vertically downward is the Real Floor. 
  3. shooting the artificial floor                                   After shooting the real floor, move the tripod backward for about 3 ft, in case that it will cover the original area. Incline the horizontal axis 60°and take another photo of the floor, which is the Artificial Floor. Then it’s 30°on the dial gauge.                                                                             Note: 1. Manual focus is a must to shoot the artificial floor, or the floor may be blurred while the head and the tripod are clear.         2. In post processing, we need to add some matching points between the real floor and the artificial floor. It is recommended to do some marks on the floor such as a coin to make it easier to find the matching point.                                              
  4. import all the 9 photos to Panoweaver 
  5. mark the artificial floor                                       Select the artificial floor and click the button " ", then the artificial is marked. Click the button again, the mark will be canceled.  
  6. add some matching points manually between the real floor and the artificial floor. The points should be distributed on the floor evenly around the tripod. Please note that it’ll be better to add the points on the floor. 
  7. set the tripod in the real floor and the artificial floor as invisible areas with the Mask.Select the tool of "set invisible area " in Mask to cover the tripod on the real floor and the artificial floor. It’ll be better to cover all the area except the floor in the artificial floor image. 
  8. stitching                                                         Click the "Stitch" button or press Ctrl+F5 and a panorama without black spot or tripod is stitched.                                                                                                       Note: 1. Shooting the artificial floor is the key. Please carefully refer the "Inclining to shoot the floor".                                 2. The way to remove the tripod in drum fisheye image is the same as the way in fullframe fisheye image. The ceiling photo is not needed.